May 2011

I think by now we probably take this opening for granted, not stopping to appreciate how much good storytelling is crammed into this one "silent cinema" shot.  (But when you see the prequels, you realize with stunning clarity just how

The stuff I found for today's post is awesome, complete with multi-media bonus features that really demonstrate the brilliance of Scorsese's work here.  (As with Spielberg, I could fill an entire blog just with shots by Scorsese.) Often times when a

If you haven' seen it, enjoy; in short form, the nurse station scene still works brilliantly. And if you have seen it already, maybe you've forgotten just enough. I've been startled by this more than once. David Lean always said, in

I know, I know, why this movie?  Because this shot from ALWAYS, a minor film not highly regarded by most, is so amazing - a little treasure in a film filled with bravado staging and camera work, but otherwise mostly