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Today's post has as much to do with David Fincher as it does with one of my all time favorite directors, William "Willy" Wyler, who's known for, among other things, the beautifully natural performances in his films.  What do these two

Doing research has been one of the most enjoyable parts of keeping this notebook; you never know what nugget you'll stumble upon. I really got a kick when I happened upon the material for today's post which is technically 2

. Here's a TV show, but no wonder Rome is cinematic to its roots, as its pilot and first few episodes were directed by feature helmer (and charming fellow) Michael Apted, who is also the director of the amazing, on-going "(insert age

Here's a fantastic shot from Agnieszka Holland's beautifully realized Europa, Europa, one of my favorite films. Holland was a friend of the late Krysztoph Kieslowski, another of my favorite directors, and they shared a lot of collaborators. On this film, Holland uses