Author: jbaumgartner

Like the previous post about Scorsese, this shot is staged with great originality and really bares the stamp of the director. Kim Novak's famous entrance in the film is so simple, restrained, elegant, and full of weight. The placement of

I really enjoy the work that Tony Zhou does with his Every Frame a Painting video essays.  They're informative, well considered and presented, insightful, and super educational for even the seasoned filmmaker.  Whether you've never thought of a particular idea before or

Couldn't have done this better myself, so I post it here.  This by the same guy, Jamie Benning, who created the fantastic "filmumentaries" on JAWS, RAIDERS, and STAR WARS, by exhaustively collecting existing interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, alternate takes, etc, and cutting them

This shot is a no-brainer post, that is, I had to post it, because of its brilliance both in conception and execution. And what's more, we get to see exactly how it was shot. A little master class. Iconic images