Author: jbaumgartner

Today's shot is a beautifully haunting trick shot from Japanese master Mizoguchi, who's my third favorite Japanese director from the 50's, after Kurosawa and Ozu. This from the lyrical ghost story and cautionary parable Ugetsu. I love a good execution of

Happy 55th birthday to Spike Lee! My favorite films of his are the classic, provactively brilliant, and Shakespearianly epic Do The Right Thing, and the lesser regarded, but I think no less important Bamboozled.  Thanks Tim Grierson and Indiewire for giving

War Story, which L.A Weekly declared, if I may mention, "triumphs on all fronts" (L.A. Weekly review here). This is the film I was referring to in my post on Chaplin's film Pay Day. When I was first inspired to make this

Youtube yanked the sample video of Temple of Doom (and others), so I was inspired to create my own, hosted by yours truly, to take advantage of Fair Use laws, and to maybe start expanding Shot4Shot into a youtube channel: